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Seventeen Times Hip Hop Schooled me on Neurology

I'm interested in ways to integrate my two great loves for Hip-Hop and neurology. For this article I searched the rap genius database for lyrics related to neurologic illness and then wrote responses that highlight interesting concepts in medicine. The words I chose were ‘neurology,’ ‘stroke,’ ‘seizure,’ and ‘headache.’ I filtered the results by hand, excluding unrelated lyrics and less familiar artists, and then I actually posted all of these responses on the rapgenius platform for other users to vote up or down, and reply to. Finally I built a playlist of the songs included in this exercise on spotify and embedded it here for you to enjoy while you read. There's plenty of profanity so hide your kids! #1 - M.I. Abaga - Do you know who You cannot build each other up? How would you build economy How you think is how you are It’s just basic neurology A version of Emerson’s ‘you are what you think all day long’ or the Buddha’s ‘what you think you b

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