Going to New York this weekend and seeing a ridiculous number of DJ's.

I'm going to list them here, by night that I will be seeing them, and include a recording I think represents their work well as well as my predictions for their sets. Wit the exception of Questo, I haven't seen any of them live.

FRIDAY 9/3/10:

Talib Kwali and ?uestlove at Webster hall

Disregard the hullabaloo the females are making in front and focus on the work of the man who managed the only two profitable (hip hop?) tours last year (Jay Z and Kanye).

One of my favorite songs of all time.

Saturday 9/4/10:


this song is bonkers to me right nowtake over control-eva simons

Fake Blood



black ghosts track (First fake blood remix)

Dirty South

phazing + Interview

phazing remix:

posted by the music ninja with many other excellent tunes recently:

music ninja mega electronic post

wondering where that guitar is from?

wondering where you really know the sample from?


MEGA CHUCKIE POST INCLUDES the I LIKE IT remix I have been playing on the reg

Major Lazer

some concert footage another day in the life type deal

This show is going to be very good but I'm not sure whether I'm more excited for diplo on his own, cause the tracklist for this might be more predictable...also probably would have been better to see them last year when the guns don't kill people record just dropped.

Flying Lotus

no idea what to expect here, other than that it might be a nice break from some of the pounding I'll have received from the artists above.

lost where I belong Flying lotus remix

Do the astral plane Them Jeans remix

Pretty Lights

you should go to their website click on video and then allow your mind to take in the fact that you are either a: going to electric zoo and will be seeing them soon, or b: part of the world that doesn't really matter that much and potentially condemned to eternal damnation in a relatively lazer-free zone. Also this is pretty much the only group that will incorporate a live drummer. And they have lazers.

Chemical Brothers

Very much looking forward to this. I know very little of their music.

One track which I have memories of is galvanize which Tina T opened her set with when I opened for her. She was one of the nicest people I've ever met and even has her own dj camp now!

SUNDAY 9/5/10 (if I survive)

Laidback Luke

this is the remix pack from 2009 that dude posted. It's chock full of mayhem


really? You don't know the dude who made the best selling electronica album of all time? Moby-Play was my mom's first "electronic music" album (and many other soccer mom's I assure you).

This was also a cool moment

Boyz Noise

this guy's unibrow is a little offputting but jesus his remixes are bonkers

her's one that's been blowing my mind recently:

hot n fun-Boys noize remix


Wow, can't believe I missed dude when he was in Pittsburgh, I think I'm as pumped for this set as anything else that's going down. I heard he spun all dubstep when he was here, almost 2 years ago (yes before you knew who caspa, rusko, or skream were). This guy is more than a dj, more of a music guru of sorts. I love this video of his:

Diplo's No One's Safe (Pilot Episode "NOLA Bounce") from jason miller on Vimeo.

A-Trak/William Gartner (see older post about this)

now I have people telling me I have to see A-Trak...well I'm not convinced. Gartner = God as far as I'm concerned


okay this is really why I'm spending a thousand dollars and flying to new york this weekend, dubstep is so real and this is one of the reasons for that fact. this song it on your powered studio monitors or in your car with subs over


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