NEW MUSIC WEDESDAY and E. Zoo review Preview

So I survived Electric zoo. It was amazing and I have many many videos and pictures which will be shared post haste. Also got some drinks in with my french cousin Pierre who is hilarious last night.

Here's the short review of the festival and some of my favorite dj's

Electric zoo is in its 2nd year in NYC and brings some of the tip top of the house, electro, and trance circuit here to our fair city. Notables missing this year were deadmau5, tiesto, and guetta. They were there in spirit. My biggest gripe with the music was that a lot of dj's (Afrojack, chuckie, and a-trak in particular) played trance tracks when they aren't really known for being trance dj's. Out of those three, afrojack's set was one of the better ones. He was excellent at dropping the theme from one song (calabria, one by swedish house mafia etc.) and going into the beat of another (Babylon by congorock) which got the energy up to a feverish mayhem.

Speaking of babylon, I heard that song about 5 times during the festival, along with Bulletproof, one, and turbulence, it was one of the biggest songs this year. Another notable contender was "pon de floor" by major lazer. This was one of my biggest gripes. Too many dj's that I expected to be floored by in terms of their new huge tracks (original or not) played stuff I already knew unaltered. In addition the festival was relatively soft in comparison with lollapalooza this year. I blame this primarily on the inclusion of almost all house and trance producers (bassnectar, rusko and diplo represented dubstep), with no rock or hip hop acts, and the location just outside of Manhattan. The crowd was almost all white, between 16 and 23 or so. On the plus side it was very easy to get right up to the front by pushing the teenagers out of the way which will be demonstrated by some of the footage I'll try to upload and edit within the next few weeks.

here's some good new music, the type of stuff I wish people were playing at the fest:

The Count and Sinden-After Dark


Hollywood Holt-Tonites the night freestyle

Hollywood's website

Doctor P vs. P Money- Sweet shop vocal version

doctor p on beatport

Cee-Lo x Emynd "Fuck You" (Baltimore Club Edit) by Emynd


Subfocus-Could this be real (Excell's happy edit)

Could this be real vinyl exists at discogs

Style of the Eye-Homeless (Canblaster remix)

Buy style of the eye tracks at beatport!


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