Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Mixes from Bird Peterson and Gypsyphonic Disko!

Check out two great mixes for your holiday, both heavily electronic, one slightly more sane (and well organized/produced) than the other...

GYPSYPHONIC DISKO (Ben Ellman & DJ Quickie Mart):

Heavy cosign on the both. Bird's is really fun and puts me in a holiday mood without boring me to tears or being overly cliched at any point. Gypsyphonic disco is a totally new experience for me (just starting to get into bounce music) and aside from a few blends I wouldn't have included (the Kelis-Milkshake was a little painful) is very well done. It's like what would happen if Gogol Bordello did a show with Juvenile and Master P and Big Freedia crashed the show.


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