Mann - Buzzin // Video and B-Tips Nu Shooz Refix

Nobody ever said I don't like pop music. In this case it's a great song from the relatively unknown "Mann" (LA) (Official Website) titled: "Buzzin."

In case you're wondering why the title sounds familiar, it's because Shwayze made this catchy track with the same title two summers ago. (Yes I also thank the lord it faded almost as fast as it came).

If you're wondering why it SOUNDS so familiar, it's because it samples the classic Nu Shooz song "I Can't Wait"

Here's a youtube video which couples the track with pictures of semi-nude asian women in nerdy costumes (think metal gear solid and street fighter).

For my Dj's/ fans of remix culture I've paired the two by using parts of each song and seamlessly transitioned between the two (Kind of like a surprise edit w/ a teaser as the intro). There are 8 bars in the beginning and end for your mixing ease. See I didn't just drink every day in Miami I got something done productive! (ha)

Mann-Buzzin Ft 50 Cent B Tips Nu Shooz Edit by djbtips

Here's the music video to accompany which mashes up the two videos when the songs get mashed (tricky I know):

And here's a bonus pic of me at U Miami, where I discovered this magical and wonderful track.


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