Year in review 2010: Skillz vs. Bekay

So for the last few months I've been waiting with baited breath. Now that the time is upon us, the question we all are asking is:

Who did it best? Bekay (Brooklyn, NY) or Skillz (Virginia)

Bekay raps about boxing, sports, and celebrities on tv. Lindsay Lohan and a little bit of politics. Skillz talks about youtube videos and cell phone games. It was funny when he talked smack on the ipad and his jab at Bekay is funny too. Personally I think Bekay gets him. He has funnier lines and kind of goes in a little more aggressive. Skillz is sleepy time rapper to me.

Highlights from Bekay:

"The labels gave the same wack contracts to a million rhymers/
So we stayed underground like those Chilean miners"

"Okay I'll admit it, I watched the Jersey Shore/
Just to see which dirty whore would wind up with a herpe sore"

I think Skillz' whole verse is off cadence. Also can't believe he mentions Angry Birds like that's news.

Highlights from Skillz:

"Republicans? They still trippin/
A Wiki-Leak? Naw where I'm from we call that snitchin"

"I Hear a lot of rap up's bein made for real/
He's alright but he's not Skillz"

Who got who???


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