Rugged man came to Diesel last night.

You must not have gotten the memo.

While the promoter clearly shat the bed on this one, it still ended up being one of the most memorable nights of my life. Enter my life: I'm driving Longarms (tranquilizerz) to go pick up a ticket to 12th planet (at the rex 2.18.11) in Greenfield and my GPS takes me on Loretta, right by Basick's crib (basick sickness). Of course I give the homey a call, and he tells me RA the rugged man is in his shower. Needless to say I'm floored by this information. The problem is, there's only one seat left in the car to the show that Basick is driving (yeah he drove RA to the show in his honda CRV). Well I have never been one to pass up an opportunity for greatness, I give Longarms the keys and tell him not to crash. I get to Basick's and see his ladies new dog which is cute and grab a beer. Now Basick is telling me I'm an idiot for believing RA is in his crib "you really think the rugged man would be chilling at my crib in greenfield, taking a shower right now?" I'm panicking, should I have given the keys to Danny, will I ever see my car again, and most of all, I'm gonna punch Basick in the face. Of course I heard the lumbering giant eventually and all of a sudden its RA the Ruggedest mofucker in the place walking down dudes steps like its the white trash prom or some shit.

We got to Diesel and there is no more than 30 people there bathroom attendant included. Props to RA for letting us rock to the sparse crowd. Basick did a new set with two dubstep/rap tracks (Rusko-Woo Boost Rmx and Lil Wayne I'm Ill rmx) as well as classics crank it up and get some. RA took the stage to a warm welcome and started the set with a sampling of joints from Die Rugged man Die. He did a few cool things with his performance like stopping the beat after the first chorus and rapping the second verse accapella. His delivery and energy really made the show, and he also was hilarious on the mic, calling out everyone from the promoter, to the venue, to the male bartenders. In the middle of his set he started grinding on a larger female fan in the audience and thankfully someone captured it on video: After the set he walked straight to the merch booth (smart man) and I went to Oakland in search of my vehicle.

I met up with Longarms and some ZBT heads at Pittsburgh Cafe (Pcaf for the initiated) hoping to see Noetik 5000 on the wheels. The place has done some renovation and actually looked pretty nice. Additionally there was a metal band that was very on point. Once I saw they wouldn't have a dj though I headed back to the crib to rap to RA and hopefully learn some things about the industry or hear him record a verse for Basick. If you've seen the video for Smut Peddlers-Bottom Feeders, you might expect him to be doing coke off of strippers asscheeks and wiling out, but truthfully he was an extremely intelligent, down to earth dude. Also check out his girl Nova Rockafeller in Toronto and follow @novarockafeller and @RAtheRuggedMan and if you're in Toronto check him out Saturday night at the opera house with Canibus and Jeru the Damaja

The moral of the story is if you don't support good hip hop when it comes to Pittsburgh, it won't. They will simply do what they always have and fly from Philly to Detroit or Chicago, because no promoter is willing to front the money that won't ever come back to them.

Thank you to Ra the Rugged man (Legendary) Basick Sickness, Longarms, Noetik 5000, B Dull for the ride, and Nova


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