Cinco de Drinko 2011

Got a chance to see a few of my favorite dj's on Cinco de Mayo. Heard DJ Scene ( @djscene1 ) was in town at Carson City Live but got a late start and wasn't able to catch his set. If anyone was there let me know how it was!

Rick Ross themed Lazer Crunk at Brillobox

These dudes Cutups and Keebs ( ) are definitely on some next shit. I love how they are constantly innovating for this lazer crunk night. Even though I didn't notice any lazers, and while I was there I only heard one rick ross jam, I was still blown away, as usual with the amount of new music coming through the speakers. The one thing which disappoints me with Brillobox is the absence of low end in their sound system. With two 15s stacked on each side of the stage, there's no reason we shouldn't be wobbling the night away, perhaps there are a group of angry neighbors and a crossover involved in my fiending for a little more bass.

Ray and Hank D

Keebs gear game is pretty ferocious

Not the last of the four turntable setups I was to witness on this night

Keebs plays a lot of beats you haven't heard before which is pretty rad

Red, Ray, and Jamie get crazy


Random with a Sombrero and his friend

S BAR ( Follow @sbarpgh )

So S Bar in Pittsburgh will always have a special place with me. It was my first real residency (Summer of 09 Thursdays), so I know most of the staff and they are all AMAZING people (as are most of the service industry people you take the time to actually get to know). In addition, S Bar has a commitment like no other venue to bring in real amazing talent on the absolute regular. You can't go to S bar on a holiday without seeing Fashen, Vice, Riz, or another of this elite group of the countries best dj's. This propensity for great music comes from Tiny Giant, the superduo of Zimmie and Nugget ( Follow: @djnugget @djzimmie ). Of course these two don't just bring in the talent. Each of them are incredible musicians and movers and shakers of their own right. For live sets from both of these cats scroll down to the thre3style post.
Let's be glad there are people that have stayed around in this city to bring this level of djing to Pittsburgh on such a regular basis.

Crooklyn Clan gets busy

Riz and Siz Getting it in!

The Homey DJ Riz!

A Group of Randoms

Summary of my night outside Jimmy D's


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