Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DJ Bonics Opens up About Heart Disease for DJ City TV

What can I say about this dude that Pittsburgh doesn't already know. I'll say this: If there is anyone out there who thinks even for a second that Brandon Glova doesn't deserve what he is finally seeing with Wiz, they don't know him at all. If you had met him, even for one day, you would know that he is the most heartfelt, honest, talented, and humble person you will ever meet. I tell the story of how we first really met for my interview with DJ MG. I'll tell a different story here. Honestly I'll just post videos showing his talent and leave his personality a mystery, you can learn from the interview below that he obviously cares with his founding of the Heart Beats foundation.


Click here to add these fools as a friend and subscribe to their shit! Good people seriously!

Bonics shatters dreams at Redbull Thre3style. The Transition from Shots to Sir Duke is an all time great moment in my life. Also the Three Style of cold rhymin' intro pretty much inked it from the jump.

DJ Bonics Red Bull Thre3 Style Pittsburgh PA April 8, 2010 Zen from Dave Kirven on Vimeo.

Real Airhorn steez!

Cut sessions across the globe!

Amazing voice/hypeman/chemistry with Wiz!

He also has one of the best youtube channels! Congrats on over 2,000,000 views! (Tons of exclusive Wiz Khalifa related content on here!)

Many more years of happiness and health for the whole taylor gang family! Congrats on Europe and thanks for putting on for the Burgh!

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