The "I wish I was in Chicago for Lollapalooza" Post

I love Lollapalooza. For me last year going to this music festival for the first time was my pilgrimage to Mecca. The Hajj was complete with memories of incredible music with great friends old and new. Not all of Chicago's treasures lie inside Grant park however; Wrigley field is probably my favorite place to watch a game (now that all that is left of tiger stadium is in bits and pieces like my friend Carleton's bleacher couch). Other highlights include incredible dining, a fantastic bar scene, and more afterparties than you can shake a stick at. (For 2011 the Skrillex/Pretty lights show should be a focal point).

Last year I went and was lucky enough to have stayed with one of my favorite Jazz musicians, Jacob Wilson. He plays guitar and writes and has a quartet which is really top notch. His singer has one of those cherry wood smoky voices that can make your eyes water no matter what she's singing about, and the bass and drums do more than just provide the anchor, often letting loose with fantastic solos of their own.

Here's a picture of the band and I last year:

While seeing Lady Gaga was a religious experience and I really enjoyed Gogol Bordello and Caspa was really my first dubstep show, the lineup this year is much more juicy for me. First of all, I am/was one of the biggest Eminem fans you will meet. I even used to have a facebook group (might still) called "The Ultimate Eminem Fanclub" I know all the songs. If you play me an em verse I haven't heard before I will either marry you or buy you a bottle of scotch depending on your sex. In addition the Foo Fighters are literally one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. I just went and saw U2 and didn't write a single word about it on here. This is a different kind of rock. Of course lolla has Eminem during pretty lights and the foo fighters during deadmau5 creating all kinds of conflicts but these are the best kind of decisions.

Did anyone see Beats Antique's performance last year and have any thoughts?

For starters here's Friendly Fires cover live on BBC Radio 1 of Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory! What an incredible group of talented individuals. I love the two drummer no bass approach.

I've selected some of my favorite songs from some of the artists I was really looking forward to seeing, and enclosed as a big zip with 22 tracks.

Artist - Title:

Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly
Atmosphere - Saves the Day
Atmosphere - The Woman with the Tattooed Hands
Atmosphere - Vampires
Atmosphere - Modern Man's Hustle
Afrojack - Bangduck (Mogwai Mix)
Beats Antique - Oriental Uno
Collie Budz - Come Around
Collie Budz - Blind to you
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive
Deftones - Prince (Bassnectar Remix)
Eminem - My Fault
Eminem - Role Model
Eminem - Low Down Dirty
Eminem - Kill You
Eminem - Criminal
Feed Me - Pink Lady
Feed Me - Strange Behavior
Friendly Fires - I Crave You
Herve - Baseball Bat (Bloody Beatroots Remix)
Skrillex - Cat Rats
Spencer and Hill - Cool (Afrojack Remix)



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