Fuk Stik Friday - OG Moombahton Mix

Peep this brand new mix from Mr. Fuk Stik Himself. This one includes some great tunes I hadn't heard and also some global bass classics. It is mixed really well and the levels are really well controlled! The highlights are definitely the originals! Sounds like there are some unreleased ones in here I'm gonna be looking for definitely.

The short interview I did with the homey is after the jumper cables

ALL-O.G.mix by FukStikJohnson

1) where are you from - how does this relate to your music
Im from Richmond VA. The land of PBRs and bicycles. Tons of DJs here, not a lot of producers so I wanted to drop a mixtape to differentiate me and my music making buds from the rest.

2) what gear do you use?
I use Ableton rewire, Reason, a Novation Nocturn midi keyboard, A microkorg and a Hercules RMX that I MIDI map and use with Ableton. I use tons of VSTs and Simpler alot for my synths.

3) what is moombahton, to you?

Moombahton to me is fun! I was doing only four on the floor bangers for the longest time and it was a great change of pace to try something different. I'm having a lot of fun with the genre and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Lots of fun percussion.

Learn More:

Fukstikjohnson- http://soundcloud.com/fukstikjohnson

KIDVID- http://soundcloud.com/kidvidmusic
HOYT- http://soundcloud.com/hoyt-1

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