MH The Verb Tour Day 1 - NYC

What a great start to the tour! After a night in Philly running through new music and reconnecting with old friends we traveled to The Village for my first NYC show ever! We got to play with some heavy hitters in the NY hip hop scene including “The Band Called Fuse” and “Stella and the Fire” and “Watusi,” at a classic venue in The Village: The Grisly Pear.

Our set went smoothly, including a live mashup with James Brown we debuted. The audience was energetic, and the party didn’t stop until 2AM!

After the show I got to hang out with Boots and Longarms on the East side, danced to some bulgarian folk music, and drank some cheap vodka. Went back downtown to Danny's and got to hear some of the stuff he's been working on for the new EP, needless to say it was some impressive stuff. Just the volume of material he has right now is mind blowing. Look out for this kid!

By far the best surprise was seeing so many of my friends and family come to the show to support! So grateful to Jen and Sarah (and all of their friends!) Longarms, Boots, Ashley and Kristen for making the trip! Can’t wait to come back and party with you guys next weekend!

Now I’m seeing the lights of Philadelphia so it must be time to do another show! See you all at the Grape Room tonite in Manyunk!

Check out ALL the pics from the Show - Thanks to Ashley for the photography skillz!

The Band Called Fuse
Stella and the Fire
MH The Verb
Hey Arnold
Family and Friends!


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