Shake Your Tambourine, Go and Get Yourself a Whistle and BLOW

I just got this song from Geisha Twins today - Dolla Dolla :

It samples Chuck Brown and the Soul Searcher's - Blow your Whistle

Which is better known as a great of the breakdance era, as well as for spawning Eve's - Tambourine :

Actually kind of a cool video. Anything with black people exaggerating their wealth with servants and shit makes me happy to see. Also Swizz Beats did a good job on this song.

So there you go. One soul song spawns a great Hip-Hop/RnB club track, and three years later, a house track. Although I doubt the Geisha Twins jam is going to hit the pop charts the way Tambourine did, it's still a Winter anthem as far as I'm concerned!

Stay Limber!


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