Mike Posner - Bieber - Boyfriend

Shouts out to the homey Mike Posner - Killed this track and its already an international megahit

The video is dope too - The teaser really only showed a tiny piece - the intro which is actually only shown on this girls cell phone at the beginning!

As for cameos? Didn't see Posner in there but the dude Latrice Royale from Ru Paul's drag race does make an appearance towards the end.

What does this video not have - good choreography - drifting - skateboarding - breakdancing -
The only thing missing was a token dj in the back.

 In all honesty it's nonsense pop music but it does make me smile and I'm always pumped to see Posner (also from Michigan) doing big things with the Biebster.


For extra credit here's Bieber speaking to Ryan Seacrest on working with Will I Am and Posner - and about Believe the new album



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