PICS - Triumph Brewery - MH the Verb - Kuf Knotz - B-Tips - Vedge Restaurant

What a fun day in Philly at Triumph brewery and Vedge - vegan restaurant. Got to link up with the homey Kuf Knotz and played my first show ever with the legendary Kinase of the BnVz - not going to forget to stop back in this town next time we're on the road! Hit the Jump for brief review of Vedge and the Triumph show pics! Thanks to Crystal for taking the dope photos under poor lighting conditions!

When I'm on the road one of my favorite things to do is try new restaurants.  Despite growing up vegetarian, the whole vegan thing has always scared me.  As a dedicated meat and fish lover, I was a bit worried when MH convinced me to check this place out, which his friend has been managing.  My fears were totally without merit - the place was gorgeous, from the front sign to the back raised dining areas featuring gorgeous wood floors and a fireplace.  The bartenders all knew MH and gave us good service - even making him a custom whiskey drink and keeping the sangria flowing!  The food was the highlight though - I ordered the smoked mushroom tartare and MH had the korean seitan taco.  Both came out bursting with flavor, especially the taco, which tasted better than some of the best chorizo tacos I've ever had.  Go check out their website and if you're in Philadelphia's old city - go check them out!
MH Representing for Vedge!
Paired the smoked mushroom tartare with a belgian style IPA - my first vegan restaurant!

After happy hour, we went to dinner at Han Dynasty which was next to the venue (Triumph Brewery), drank some white diamond, and took some group photos.  When I got to triumph I was impressed by the size of the place. The brewing operation was all on the second floor which made for some interesting views.  Their beer was delicious, and it was flowing freely making for a nice loose and relaxed performance.  I got to play with Kinase who is an old friend and member of the original BnVz for the first time and he rocked it! The MH the Verb set went really smoothly and I was pumped to see a ton of my friends come out to support. Thanks especially to Russ Moritz and his friend for making the trip to see me!


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