VIDEO - MH the Verb - Max M Ill - BnVz - B-Tips - White Diamond - Live at the Shadow Lounge

Hit the jump for ALL the photos - including white diamond shots!

Wow! What a show in Pittsburgh. When I play Pittsburgh with MH we usually do Peter's Pub, so it was a fun change to do the Shadow Lounge.  Shadow Lounge is a venue with a ton of importance to the hip hop community in Pittsburgh, and the owner Justin is committed to using it for positive purpose.  The lineup was packed with talent - Profound Produce started it off from Erie, followed by Divine Seven who I had never rocked with before and brought some phenomenal beats and rhymes!  Max M Ill is one of my favorite people to perform with - he's someone you NEED to be watching for. Of course MH the Verb came out super strong, and finally I got to witness a special reunion set from the BnVz! So much talent in that group you can tell why they were able to hold Pitt down basically all four years they were in school.

Also have to comment on all the folks that came out to see me even though I only played an hour set! Dougie Fresh - Basick Sickness - Ma Dukes - Jonathan - Allie and way too many more to name!
You guys are my family. Nothing I do out here in Boston matters if I don't have my homebase in Pittsburgh and when I play shows like this and you come out in means the world.

 White Diamond was definitely in the building, and the shots were flowing.  Got a ton of photos and you can check them all out on my facebook page 


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