Exclusive Video Preview! - Digital Dave and Strobe - Fuk Dat!

This is so cool! My good friends Strobe and Digital Dave paid me an homage in the preview for their upcoming smash "Fuk Dat." It's a remix of a classic house jam from the 90s which basically makes fun of all the shit they see that's wrong with the DJ world right now - and I think we can all agree there's a lot. I've included lyrics at the bottom in case you're interested.

If you're unfamiliar with these two - suffice it to say they are two of my absolute favorite dj's/Producers, irrespective of the fact they are based out of Pittsburgh. Dave is a globe trotting club DJ with over a decade of experience taking down dance floors from Vegas to Miami and Strobe is a billboard reporter with Gold records older than Porter Robinson.  Wise Up!

 If you want to skip to where I'm featured it's at 2:18

Hit the jump for the lyrics and original video!

 Original Lyrics:

Question: Why is it that every time I'm walkin down the street, some asshole wants to stop me to give me a flyer. Man Fuk Dat!

 Question: Why is it that every time I walk into the fuckin bank, the tellers look at me like I'm the one that robbed the place? Fuk Dat shit!

 Question: Why is it that every time I turn on the radio, I hear the same five songs every day for 3 months? You know, every time I see my neighbor, she tells me to stay out of trouble, what the fuck does she mean by that? The other one looks at me like I'm the one that got her daughter strung out on crack, fuk dat!

 Why is it that I can never catch the good shows on tv. All I can catch is whoopie, J Leno, and whatever the fuck his name is....fuk dat! It seems like every fuckin time it never fails it never fails, I'm just sitting at my crib minding my own business and someone wants to call me to talk about nothing. Fuk Dat! Get a life!

 Why is it that every time I go out to a nightclub, only the ugly chicks want to step to me - Fuk Dat! What do you want? Get the fuck outta my face


 Question: Why is it that every time I'm in the middle of a mix, some asshole shoves his phone into my face and tells me to play whatever song he just heard on Tiesto's mix show. Next time someone puts their phone in my face, I'm keeping it. Fuk Dat! And no I won't plug your iPod in. 

Question: Why is it that every time they play Swedish House Mafia or avicii, all of these roided up dudes with Pauly D haircuts be punchin the air? this isn't billy blaine's personal studio. Fuk Dat!

 Every week it never fails, seems like a new genre of electronic music comes out thatain't got nothin to do with what it describes. What is it this week:Electromoombahgressivefuckinstepcore? Man FUK DAT! Two step ain't garage, Fidget? That ain't a genre that's a medical condition.

 Is it me is it me, but when did glowstick's become the new douschebag club accessory, you ain't lost in the woods, you ain't trick or treating. Put that down before I shove it up your ass and your shit glows for a week. Man Fuk Dat!

 Question: Why is it it seems that every time I go to the bathroom in a club, a man in a tuxedo watches me pee, than wants me to pay him for it. Man that shit is illegal in 32 states, Fuk Dat! What the hell do I need a lollipop for anyway?

Maaaaan, what the hell is up with all this moombahton shit? Since when did playing a house record on the wrong speed become cool? That shit was an accident, not a new style of music! Man Fuk Dat! 

Question: Why is it that every time someone wants to hear dubstep, they only want to hear skrillex. There are 3,479 other dubstep artists with full heads of hair you brostep loving bitch ass cracker Fuk Dat! If I wanted to listen to grinding metal, I'd get a job at a machine shop. And what's up with the name skrillex anyway? It sounds like something I'd use to clean my toilet.

What the hell is up with all these damn hipsters looking like out of work lumberjacks? Man ain't none of these mofos ever held an axe or probably been in the woods on purpose. Lumberjacks don't drink dollar pabst blue ribbon, get a razor you wannabe paul bunyan. Fuk Dat!

 Oh I see - you have some dj software on your laptop and you just downloaded the top 10 from beatport and now you want a gig at the club? Check it out I just played the game operation, now I want to perform surgery on you? Fuk Dat! Everybody's a dj nowadays.

 Alright so let me get this straight - you want something you can dance to because you say you can't dance to house music - I bet you'd tear the shit out of the macarena! Get outta my face you cha cha slide doin motherfucker! Fuk Dat! And no I will not teach you how to dougie.

 Question: Why is it every time someone wants to compliment my skills they say I'm like Pauly D, do I look like some bronze wearing no talent Ass Clown? Fuk Dat!


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