Show Review - The Hub Dub - Devlin's Boston

Tonight I heard an angel voiced siren leading a band of seasoned musical warriors on a journey to Jah's city. Haley Jane (lead vox) and Aaron (tenor sax, melodica, live board, effects, percussion) were the standouts, but there was literally talent everywhere I turned. For a finale the guitarist traded fours with a trumpet who had the chops of a deeply experienced jazz musician. The mood was dubby - old-school but polished reggae, with a host of MC's who grabbed the mic and kept the energy hot as the night went on.

You can catch them live in Boston every Wednesday night at Common Ground in Allston, or Thursdays at Devlin's in Brighton. If you don't live on the Eastern seaboard North and East of NYC, check them out on the interweb

(The Hub Dub Facebook Page)


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