Saturday, July 14, 2012

NightLife Photos! - Durkin - SOLID - Zuzu

I've been following Durkin since the Redbull Thre3style in Boston but hadn't had a chance to check him out until tonight.  I was really impressed - dude was playing deep house, modern electro, moombahton, and rap and none of it felt corny or forced.

The night is called SOLID and there's a good reason for it - the venue only holds 100 or so and it's packed all night long.  Lot's of sweaty dancing and I even was assaulted by a woman who I think might have been on bath salts!

Peep the ENTIRE album on Facebook (click like for access)

Durkin also produces and his latest track is a dance floor killer! Shorts in the club!

 Durkin in the mix
 New Friends!
Fellow blogger!

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