Obey Goulet - Special Guest on WRBB Radio - Live Mix Exclusive

It feels so amazing being back on the radio in the Fall. I started out as a DJ at WPTS Pitt's illustrious college radio station, and I practiced on the set of 1200s there all summer before I felt the confidence to start playing some local shows.  I owe a ton to college radio and it makes me proud to be able to continue the tradition here in Boston.

The project which I've embarked on is new because I'm using the name "DJ Sacco" as a member of the "Sacco and Vanzetti Dance Party." Sacco and Vanzetti were anarchists in Boston who were executed in 1927 for the murder/robbery of a payroll clerk in Braintree.  I'm still B-Tips - you'll hear in the mix - but I'm Sacco now as well.

This week I had a friend come in and do a guest mix and he lit it up.  Goulet is a friend via a Pittsburgh connection, and is just a fantastic DJ, music-head, and good all around dude.   Go check out his facebook page, and catch him rocking this weekend in Jamaica Plain as well.  If you want the playlist you're going to have to work for it - I had to ask to get him to turn off the trainspotter mode!

Hit the Jump for the sweet pics of us DJing in the WRBB studio


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