New Videos! - LongArms, Phone Tag, and Louis Logic live at Famous Hill - January 2013

Thanks to a relatively mild Winter night in Brooklyn, a fantastic venue, a healthy partnership with the other members of Famous NYC, the bands that were super professional and came to play, and all of you for coming out - Famous Hill - my production company's first show at a public venue - was a resounding success.


When I heard that everyone was getting paid - I wasn't sure how it was possible.  The place was packed though.  The hip hop groups in particular did a great job filling the space, but what really impressed me was how long people stayed.  Some of my most memorable moments in no particular order after the jump:

1) Alex Burkat getting on stage during LongArms set and asking people if they were feeling turquoise (caught on camera above)

2) Girls dancing on stage during LongArms set (caught on camera above)

3) Louis Logic intentionally dropping the mic going from the verse to the chorus of his 2nd song (also on camera above)

4) Getting people to sign the flyer (see picture below)

5) Datalog's set - the video in particular

6) Isaac Jordan running the trap for like - 45 minutes

7) Phone Tag

8) Drinks afterwords with Audiofemme and the Famous Crew.


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