Battle Rap Highlights! - Live on WMBR Mixed by B-Tips

I have been watching way too much battle rap lately.

In particular with the hotly contested Blackout 3 battle between Arcane and Dizaster released this week I thought it was appropriate to do a battle rap theme for this week on the show.  If there are some other battle rappers with good music who I missed leave it in the comments! Definitely interested to see where this scene goes and excited about a lot of the up and comers.

I tried to get some new stuff (Arcane, Iron Solomon, Andy Milonakis), some well established current battlers (Soul Khan, The Saurus, Mac Lethal, Illmaculate) and some of the forefathers as well (Proof, Juice, Supernatural, Eyedea)

Thanks to KOTD//Grind Time//URL//Don't Flop and anyone else who's doing it out there.

Also as always big thanks to Musenomix, Dana, WMBR, Jump the Turnstyle, and Soren Baker for making the show what it is!

Full Tracklist after the jump

Eminem Lose Yourself -
Eminem Final Battle (Papa Doc Chokes)
Mobb Deep Shook Ones Part II Shook Ones Part II The Infamous
Mick Boogie & Beastie Boys Sure Shot (Nardone/Large Professor Remixes)
Jeremy Steig Howling For Judy
Karriem Riggins Double Trouble
RML & Kount Fif M.B.D. Generals (feat. Copywrite, Jason Rose, Empuls & Redd Mudd)
The Swashbuckler, Vol. 1: The Viking Wars (Deluxe Version)
Proof Kurt Kobain [Explicit] Kurt Kobain [Explicit]
Freeway Early Early Clean Cutz (12.01.12) 4A - DDS #173 (12.01.12)
Soul Khan The Machine f Akie Bermiss The Machine f Akie Bermiss Psalm 4A
Pat Stay Pat Stay-Im Dying Pat Stay-Im Dying 5B
The Saurus 2 Times (feat. illmaculate) 2 Times (feat. illmaculate) All I Know Is That 7A - Visit
Arcane Rollin' Rollin' Arcane 8A - Visit
Iron Solomon - 44 Fours
real deal-  pawns ft. mac lethal
Juice - Story To Tell Story To Tell New Money
Moka Only -  Sitting On The Porch (Featuring Mad Child) Sitting On The Porch (Featuring Mad Child) 12A -
 Beastie Boys - Shazam! Shazam! To The 5 Boroughs 8A
Three Loco - NEATO NEATO Three Loco EP 4A - DDS #173 (12.01.12)
Jin Featuring Kanye West -  I Got A Love (Feat. Kanye West) [Explicit] I Got A Love (Feat. Kanye West) [Explicit] The Rest Is History [Explicit] 1A - Song ID: 202162954
 Iron Solomon Fear Itself - Ft. Illmaculate Fear Itself - Ft. Illmaculate 1A
Mac Lethal Black Rainbow Black Rainbow Irish Goodbye 11A - Visit
The Saurus Murder (feat. Chase Moore) Murder (feat. Chase Moore) All I Know Is That 11A - Visit
 Eyedea & Abilities Smile Smile By The Throat 12A Supernatural The Show Down The Show Down S.P.I.T. 7A - Jay Dee aka J Dilla Y'all Aint't Ready Y'all Aint't Ready Welcome 2 Detroit (Instrumentals)


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