Buku - Shiftee - Grime - Dubstep - Trap Post

One of the best ways to learn about new good music in a hurry is to trawl the internet for playlists from DJ's you respect.

Recently I was asked for my top three currently performing DJs and I listed A-Trak, Shiftee and Z-Trip.  I guess it's kind of obvious that I'm into turntablism.

Shiftee posted a screenshot from his Traktor of the songs he played to open his set in boston this week, and I've transformed the screenshot into a youtube playlist, which is easier to listen to. 

One of the biggest discoveries for me was new music from Buku.  I've been following this dude on soundcloud for a minute, ever since I heard about him through some of my Pittsburgh connections, but he has been making some MAJOR noise in 2013. Shiftee played "Say Deez" but I've shared "Say Wut Again" which I liked as a bit of a variant to the heavy trap vibe of this post. " Wise Up!

Another interesting new name for me was Walter Ego. I've included the video for "In Control" which features UK Funky elements, grime synths, and a strong narrative from emcee Slick Don. The video is no slouch with black and white views of a London neighborhood, a fisheye lens, and some creative editing.


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