Mister Sunday - Gowanus Grove - Mother's Day 2013

The Daytime is the Right time!

When the multi-talented super-homey Alex Burkat  told me there was going to be an outdoor party in Brooklyn this Sunday I didn't hesitate. After a killer mother's day BBQ with MH the Verb in the Bronx I scooped LongArms in the East Village and headed down to Gowanus Grove.

When we got there it was immediately clear we were in for a great time, with folks lined up all the way to the street to get their IDs checked.  The best aspect of the Mister Saturday Night series parties for me is the crowd. It is a cornucopia of ages, races, genders, and walks of life; and everyone is getting down. 

Under the poplar trees there was a place to get drinks, a much longer line to eliminate them, a Ping-Pong table, and a shorter line for food by the entrance. In the center of the grove, a sacred circle of speakers enclosed the church-goers.  Right away I spotted Burkat dancing behind the DJ with a few friends.  Behind him I ran into some of my very good Pittsburgh super-power crew including Leigh and Ryah of Raw and Nakturnal fame.  They were in town staying with some other rad folks in Brooklyn, and the night was teed up for magic. 

After a delightful chat with old friends by the river over bronx pale ales and mexican cokes, the sun set, and the temperature dropped a good twenty degrees, propelling us towards the dancefloor.  The music got louder, the bass was heavy and the anthems were energizing.  The crowd got rowdy and pretty soon one woman was even crowdsurfing.  Check out my video below for a recap of this incredible party.  Major thanks to Burkat for keeping me in the loop and Justin and Eamon for gathering and organizing. 

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