Nicole Otero "Full Surrender" Release with Steve Travolta at the DL (Red Room)

Nicole DJing at the DL - Red Room - for the Full Surrender Record Release Party
I have been trying to catch a Nicole Otero DJ set since I moved to NYC in May.  Her release on Lovebreak Music "Full Surrender" was a perfect opportunity.  I love the vibe of this party.  It's not too young or too straight - people are there to DANCE. It's definitely New York.  Nicole was set up on a pair of CDJ's and was mixing seamless house tunes like Intruder by Amame.  She was totally gracious and made me feel super welcome. Next time we chat I need to ask about how her DJing influences her Yoga teaching and vice versa. Like her facebook page to see when she's playing next in NYC.

Here's the preview of her new track on Lovebreak Music - be sure to cop that when it drops!


  1. Great article and It's "Steve Travolta" rather than John, incidentally "John" is my middle name. It's a common error. Great meeting you yesterday and thanks for coming out.

  2. Are you referring to the "john travolta" tag? That is intentional. Gonna grab some scientologists and fans of "michael"


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