Goldchief Fridays - Cobra Krames - B-Tips - JLamar - DJ Exit

B-Tips Spinning for a Packed House at Tender Trap - Williamsburg

What a night in Brooklyn!

Occasionally you idolize someone and upon meeting them find out they are actually interesting, decent people and not just an idealized image. 

That's how I feel about Cobra Krames.  The dude is not only a brilliant DJ and forward thinking producer (predicted BMore club, Trap, and Twerk) but also incredibly insightful when it comes to design and production elements.  Last night this dude walked into the venue we were playing with a fake Supreme hat and Krames called him out by specifically referencing the incorrect font which was used (Futura Bold?).

Gold Whistle is a hotbed of talent and meeting a fellow Pittsburgh native and similar supertalent Yamez was an additionally amazing moment last night.  I also got to hang with DJ Exit - who ran MoombahPlus parties and has one of the coolest projection setups I've ever seen - if you check the picture above you can see he has five separate screen areas set up so that the projections look dope on every wall. He was controlling the effects from his iphone and said it took a year to figure that out - bonkers. 

Here's a recent track from Yamez while you check out some of the pics -

shout out to the amazing photographer Tayler for grabbing the camera while I spun! And thank you to Lindsay Rachel Danny Tracy Elaine Boots Harry Noosh and everyone else who came and saw my set - it was a veritable takeover! Love you all.


The boss Cobra Krames

B-Tips and JLamar

Rachel LongArms and Lindsay

Cheap Drinks and a Packed Dancefloor



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