Video and Pics - Chrome Sparks Infinity Shred and Alex Burkat live at 285 Kent Nov. 11

I got to check out the Chrome Sparks show this weekend at 285 Kent, for the last stop of his US tour.  He plays downtempo electronic music with a live band consisting of a sometimes drummer and midi pad striker, a midi-synth and percussion guy, and himself on an analog synth and some vocals.  I really appreciated how tight there live set was, reflecting the relentless touring he has engaged in.  He worked the crowd to a frenzy with the hits "marijuana" and with new music I didn't recognize, and took us on an absolute trip.  I noticed a couple next to me putting blotting paper on their tongues.  The visuals were cool but it wasn't a big lighting thing just a cool projection behind the band. 

Alex Burkat also totally blew me away as the house DJ. He played a set for dancers after Chrome Sparks finished their encore and opened with Tweet - Oops (there goes my shirt). Still one of the best selectors in the city and a really incredible rising production talent. Here is his !!! - Slyd remix - out now on Warp records.

You can catch Burkat DJing at his monthly party N.I.S. this Wednesday if you happen to be in NYC:

Infinity Shred played before Chrome Sparks and they have a really finely honed sound that I dig on their soundcloud.

Thanks also to MH for tour gifting me the Chrome Sparks T Shirt and of course Annie and LongArms is the crew.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the night:

MH the Verb at 285 Kent during one of Alex Burkat's Sets

As she walked away I told her it was a good picture and she gave me the finger

Chrome Sparks live at 285 Kent. Jeremy played the MPK25 predominantly.

Fans after the encore

Relaxing with the skateboard after a good show

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