Party Photos - More than Enough with Kev Love and Kid Chalupa at LPR

KevLove and Chalupa

LPR Gallery is a really great room - plenty of sound and light and a decent size stage. The best part without a doubt however is the clientele.  Its a college vibe but there's a good mix of party kids - ravers - dropouts - and some old NYC magic sprinkled in.  Check out the pic of the dude with the conductor hat if you need an example here...

I walked in at 12:30 and it was absolutely crushed.  Kev Love was playing TWRK - Badinga and went into Jump Around and it definitely felt like peak hour.  I was impressed with his skills just letting the tracks speak for themselves and not trying to show off too much.  Chalupa went in after and educated me with some Hip Hop and Reggae slept on classics like Mad Lion. Kev Love went back on at 3 and played this transition from Michael Jackson PYT into Kanye's Good Life and floored me. 

Here is a recent mix from Kev Love
And one from the homey Chalupa

I saw some old friends - made some new ones - if I got your picture and it's not in the post here then CHECK IT OUT ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE and tag your friends you scalliwags.

Full House at LPR (Gallery)
Strike ah Pose
The Conductor
New Friends

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