Ducky, Workmans Song, Legs, and B-Tips live at Friends and Lovers

Ducky Performs at Friends and Lovers (Brooklyn)
My neighborhood in NYC isn't known for its vibrant nightlife. Crown Heights has a few real gems however, and friends and Lovers on Classon Ave. is one of them. The night started off with Workman Song. These two dudes took the stage with a few supporters around them and really sung their hearts out. Perhaps the best harmonies of the night were heard within the first 10 minutes. Their stylings are folksy, with minimal drums and storytelling lyrics.

Ducky grabbed my attention as soon as she walked in the room. She has an entourage of five plus and a fur coat, so even with her less-than-five-foot stature she really owns the space. Her cronies started to deal with some kind of chiffon cape and one of them was wearing a "TEAM DUCKY" varsity jacket. The set started with ducky and her two dancers bent over and looking down and the first track was a challenging rhythm with the chorus "Love makes me stupid, makes me dumb makes me stupid," a sentiment I certainly understand.

As the performance continued the dancers and ducky removed outer layers revealing tattoos (an owl, a heart) and some toned dancer bodies. She informed me that she met her accompanists at NYU where they danced together. This makes sense to me because Ducky also moves very well. Additionally she did a new song where she triggered samples on a midi controller while singing some deeper lyrics ("Don't fucking touch me, Keep your hands off of me"). She has a great voice but mostly just awesome stage presence and catchy songs. Their sometimes producer sometimes DJ Suzi Analog rocked a great jacket and large-frame glasses rear stage who played some backtracks and also sang nicely.

Legs are a straightahead rock group with two keyboards (one played by lead singer Tito), a guitar (surf/rock/vamps), and a drummer. The band is really tight-sounding and definitely got the "legs" moving with a solid synth-based low-end. I've posted their latest music video below with some of the pictures from the night.

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Workman Song


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