Audiofemme and Subscenestyle Live - Hotel Chantelle w/ High Waisted, Fascinator, Rubycon, Owney's Rum

I have a secret soft spot for real instruments. It's great to be able to see live music from fresh and talented NYC musicians every Thursday in the LES. Thank you to SubsceneStyle and Audiofemme for having me out - excited to share all of the photos I took!

Rubycon was dope they had sheet music, a cellist, and incredibly talented vocalists. The male in particular had me riveted. He also had some hawt velvety kicks. They also had some backing tracks on a computer running ableton.

Fascinator was incredible - they came out in these decadent robes covered in jewels and gold stitching and hats with googly eyes and masks built in. The tracks were mostly on a computer but controlled live by the lead who also played a midi guitar.  His vocals were heavy like Ozzie and he had a great command of the sound of the space I really enjoyed all of the drums on the backtrack like the appropriate splash cymbals.  There was also a tall and gorgeous woman playing oboe with marvelous tenacity.  This group reminded me of GOAT a little but with more talent.

High Waisted showed the space it was a rock show by breaking out the live drummer and really giving a full-band feel. The country-rock-folk stylings were welcome and did not slow down the mood rather it got elevated especially with the rowdy bass-player who made for some awesome pictures.  The singer has a beautiful sonorous voice with all the chops of a seasoned vet and these guys were VERY tight and well-rehearsed. Looking forward to hearing more from all three groups!

Check ALL THE PICTURES on the audiofemme website: (Link coming soon)

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