Pool Party Pics - Subdrive and Electric Gentleman with Village Hall Productions and Voy Voy Clothing

I got invited to shoot a pool party at the Room Mate Grace at Times Square this Friday and obviously there were bottles, bikinis, big tunes, and great times.  The party was hosted by Subdrive and Electric Gentleman who I am associated with because of their connection to Hotel Chantelle in the LES.  In addition sponsors included VoyVoy clothing and Village Hall Productions.  I was really impressed with the turnout and the spirit of the event.  Galbis of Subdrive opened the night with dance tunes and went into the Summer anthems.  At 12:30 Electric Gentleman came on and went into the trap and hip hop that continued the theme of - let loose - get wet.

I included ten of my favorite pictures below but you want to see THE WHOLE ALBUM:

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More Pool Party Pics after the Jump!


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