Pictureplane - Hyper Real (Video)

I have been following Pictureplane career for a number of years and was really excited to see this video out last month.  Dude definitely has his own style, sound, movement. He was throwing warehouse parties in Colorado for a while and now does Brooklyn stuff mostly. He also has a clothing line called Alien Body which I reference a lot because I feel like everybody is ripping off the black and white with alien insignia look right now (listen up Brillz!)

The video is great - magic the gathering and really captures the feeling of being an outsider. The song also - pretty stripped down but nice sounds and v emotional.

This is a link to a previous post where I review his show in Bed Stuy at the Passion Lounge http://www.danceunderthebar.com/2013/08/pictureplane-and-teen-girl-fantasy-at.html

Here are some pictures I've taken in the past to demonstrate what a big fan I am:

 This one is V Rare - I'm standing on the "stage" behind where he's playing and shooting the "crowd" in this little apartment where the "afterparty" for the show at glasslands was the first time I saw dude.  Peep the couple making out dead center.  Also this pic would have a big "5:00-7:00AM" stamp on it if it was on snapchat.

His dancers were awesome and dude definitely gets loose. He also has great fans.  This is from the performance at Passion Lounge.

 Here's a still from the video - so real. Just so real.


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