Electric Zoo Conflict 1, A-Trak vs. Wolfgang Gartner

Okay. I'm going to electric zoo in a few weeks (if you don't know what this is this may not be the blog for you) and the set times are up. Somehow somewhere the decision was made to put A-trak and wolfgang gartner on at the exact same time on Sunday night. This will lead to a choice being made on my part and I will list some of the reasons for my decision (which I've already made)below:

To start with I've included in this post two semi recent sets by the two dj's

a-trak live on power 106, january of 2010

wolfgang gartner live at WMC march of 2010

maybe you can listen to these while you read my moderately interesting thoughts about the two dj's.

First, both of these guys are legends as far as I'm concerned. WG historically, for blowing my mind with life-altering remixes like his Wolfgang's Fifth Symphony which will NEVER go away, and A-trak for winning the DMC's at 15

Now don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of the fact that A-Trak is also a producer, and a damn good one at that, but in my mind he's more on the mashup artist side of things (listen to his latest major release dirty south dance 2 if you don't believe me). Not that there's anything wrong with mashups! Look people you can call em edits all you want but unless you made the beat yourself, that's what it is. A mashup. On to the reasons I'm upset I'm going to miss A-trak's performance.

There are very few (no?) "pure" dj's at electric zoo this year. Literally everyone on the bill is a producer. As my man from power-plant productions DJ Traffikjam has reminded me, it just so happens that the biggest dj's are producers. Well some of my absolute favorite and most memorable shows have been from Jazzy Jeff, Quest Love, dj Scribble, Riz, Fashen, and Tina T. These LEGENDS aren't exactly known for their production (correct me if I'm off base here world). Also don't give me any nonsense about them all being "hip hop dj's" because it's hard to imagine a dj spinning strictly hip hop and having any success in todays electro/house/fist-pumping/dirty dutch market. Phew, that being said, all the dj's I just named have CUTS!!! A-trak's scratching is also out of control and makes me wonder if I'm not making the wrong decision here.

Well upon listening to WG's set posted above I know in the depths of my heart that I'm not. The absolute epic nature of his blends, mixing, eq-ing, song selection etc. is marvolous, and I'm looking forward to it making my head explode shortly before my jaw is dismembered by Bassnectar (one of only two real dubstep artists represented? Come on EZ step your game up).

Thoughts? Comments? Love? DO IT


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