BUSA BUSSS!!! (The resurgence of Busta Rhymes)


Busta Rhymes has always been one of my favorite rappers. Since getting his moniker from Chuck D he has repeatedly crushed track after track although the question of whether he is best as a "feature rapper" is of dispute.

Undeniably his breakthrough came on the Tribe single Scenario you are probably familiar with the joint. Here's an excerpt which was performed at rock the bells this year:

Following his commercial discovery he released The Genesis to generally favorable reviews, propelled by the success of his first single as a solo artist: "Whoo Ha (Got you all in check)"

The tagline comes from Big Bank Hank on 8th Wonder(1981) Check at 1:50

And the sample is from Galt Macdermot (Space)

Anyways the reason for the blog post is that I feel like @BUSABUSSS (on twitter) is having a great 2011 so far mostly because of this pair of songs which I'm feeling right now:

Thanks to Afrojack and Diplo for making this absolute banger. Such a subtle beat to showcase the talents of all three featured MC's (especially Busta who murks this thing).

Here's the other big track, also produced by Diplo (with Tiesto) called C'Mon

And as a special bonus...My favorite Busta video and one of my favorite of his tracks "Gimme Some More" the fat girl on the car is a special moment:

The sample is from Psycho, the Hitchcock classic if you haven't seen:

check at 19seconds


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