DJ Nugget + S Bar + Southside Antics

Went to the Southside with Mr. E Ink in the hope of linking up with some friends from Pitt. Started off drinking with Brett in Shadyside and met some old friends who drove us to Oakland, where we took some pics behind the bar, and then took a jitney to S Bar. God bless Andy Basicks' friend for getting us in, because the line was basically to 18th st.

Met some amazing people and got to dance to one of my favorite DJ's mixes. Seriously this dude Nugget is one of the best to ever do it. I was in the booth watching him for about 30 minutes and he blended every single track creatively, and seamlessly, all while carrying on a conversation, pouring jager shots, etc. Just a really talented dude who I'm lucky to call one of my good friends out here.

I really hope the rest of my vacation is this much fun.


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