MH The Verb Tour - Day 2 - Philly

The very best thing about being on the road is meeting new people and sharing new experiences. I feel like I’ve been able to connect in a way, which wouldn’t be possible if I weren’t performing music and celebrating with others.

Last night we played a Friday the 13th show in Manayunk at the Grape Room (Philly). We had just made it out of NYC after an adventurous night and I was feeling a little low energy but once I got on stage all of that went away. We were able to pull off all of the tracks we wanted and I even nailed the live mashup. I gave my camera to a friend and got a few shots myself.

The other performers were also incredible! I got to witness Kuf Knotz and LP Stiles for the first time, LP is a fantastic hip hop group and the midi horn/bassoon was a special treat. Kuf has this wild sing-songy style almost reminiscent of Slick Rick, and handled the crowd, while the band carried the tune. One great feature was bringing all of the MC’s in the room for their last cut “soul.” Headlining was “A Cool Stick,” with an energetic front man with a ballooning head of brown curly hair. They came correct, and had a ton of fans supporting them also.

After we performed I played some pool upstairs with new friends and then we headed back to GR’s when the lights turned on. A great way to end the East Coast tour and get ready to adventure back to Pittsburgh and the Midwest.

Check out ALL the pics from the Grape Room 1.13.12 here!:


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