Soundcloud Roundup - January

Just got back from a great trip to NYC seeing my cousins and making some new friends!

Also got to see the homey Dimitry Mak at Bunker Club

Got a ton of new tunes on the DUTB soundcloud group. Keep submitting and I'll keep posting!

Skrillex - Bangerang (B-Tips RATM Fix) by djbtips

Big room moombahton from Swagdeluxe

Swagdeluxe - It's all about SWAG by michel broekmeulen (SWAG)

Electro influenced Moombahton from djAA with a huge breakdown and tight production

Take Over by djAA

Neki Stranak is no stranger to DUTB and drops this most recent banger for the people. Lots of detail work on the vocals and as always a big traditional sounding moombahton jam.

Riva Starr & Fatboy Slim ft. Beardyman - Get Nekid (Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix) by NEKI ★ STRANAC

This is a MAJOR jam. .357 magnum is a name to watch out for. The massive synths stay melodic and poignant, the structure is there, etc. Looking forward to more from this guy.

.357 Magnum - Gojira by .357 Magnum

This track is a remix from a facebook homey of mine I have yet to actually meet, but someone who's very in touch with the music scene and has provided me with a ton of advice. This remix is really playable and has a lot of elements I like to hear, major drop, strong themes, etc. Good shit Ben and Virtual Goods!

Modestep - To The Stars (Kill The Noize & Autobots Remix) (Virtual Goods Extended Edit) by ben-de-ayora

Dance- Poynt Blank by PoyntBlank


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