Jayceeoh - Super Seven Vol. FIVE Review

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I get right down to business with the breakdown set by set in order, and then provide detailed listening notes at the bottom. Above all I'm enthusiastic about this mix series, the talent Pittsburgh's own Jayceeoh has been able to muster, and stellar product which has resulted. Some of these tapes and parts literally changed the way I think about music - keep that in mind as the review progresses.

Jayceeoh, as the leader of the pack, does a great job setting the tone for the rest of the mix. Venturing away from the dubstep and house, he sticks with hip hop edits and some moombahton. He manages to keep things exciting for the full ten minutes, playing almost exclusively personal edits, and scratching (masterfully) throughout his part.

Jazzy Jeff
, one of two unquestionable legends on the lineup goes in second, and does not disappoint. His part has a super live feel to it. I love hearing him play out and he does a lot of the same things that make him unique, like the extensive echo effect he uses on that pioneer mixer, and his talent with cutting up vocal samples repetitively.

Revolution's part is 10 of the minutes that really makes volume 5 a standout amount the series. He channels both DJ Riz, and Neil Armstrong, running originals back to back, seamlessly, in a way that is both completely hip hop, and completely novel and funky.

Coming through with the standout performance on this mix is the heavyweight of the roster - Z-Trip. His deep crates, rock influence, breathtaking interludes, and the two MAJOR mashups steal the show, amid an absolutely standout cast.

Vajra is the current DMC champ and was number 3 last year in the Redbull Thre3style competition for the entire US. He dabbles in hip hop, RnB, and dubstep for this set, punctuated by timely scratching, and some choice cuts.

Gaslamp Killer
is a producer who hangs out with Flying Lotus, and you could guess that if you listened to this part. Certainly he is interested in NEW MUSIC, which is why I really love his part (and mick boogie's, but we'll get there). This part is also totally weird, and the darkest of the bunch (Revolutions gets a little dark as well covered in detailed notes).

Mick Boogie
is a champion mixtape dj and producer in the vein of Benzi (actually both are from the midwest also and have been featured on the super 7 series). His part is exactly what I want to hear on a mixtape - New, Good Hip Hop music. How dope is it that this dude was able to include ONLY music he helped to put out.

Detailed Notes:


This is the standard intro. Cool.
The first verse on this mixtape is from Tyga, and it's not great
"Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat Tatted up in my back,
all the hoes love me, you know what it is"
is my least favorite line.
2:46 After listening to Z-Trip's part, the mashups that don't cross genre boundaries don't really get me excited. I feel like that's kind of an essential feature.
3:30 I dig that there is moombahton on here so early
4:43 I've come to expect moments like this from Jayceeoh parts on Super seven. Unbelievable electronic influenced hip hop beats that I've never heard before (see super seven vol. 1, first track).
6:49 - 7:20 This is my favorite segment of Jayceeoh's part and one of my favorite on the mixture. Live sounding cuts, in the "scratched sample chorus" format over a spectacular beat from Jamie XX
8:47 The Jay Z Accapella feels a little too familiar. Until I heard Gaslamp and Mick Boogie's parts I was pretty worried there wasn't going to be enough new, good hip hop on this mix.
10:20 Is there anything in this musical world that gets me excited like the synths of Oliver?? Well sure, but not a ton of things.


13:00 wow. I don't know how to attack this! Such a huge fan of Jazzy's. Fuck it, it's art, it was made to be deconstructed.
14:00 I loved this Cru song two years ago when I heard it for the first time. Really glad the mix isn't censored. that would suck.
16:12 there's a little too much old hip hop on this part for me… I know. I love old hip hop, it just feels a little too familiar to me.
17:19 did you catch the connection between the Cru jam and Slick Rick? This is a great blend. I want a James Brown tribute tattoo. Here there's something which happens which takes away from the live feel. He keeps the "cop radios in" sample going, while he switches the beat, and is also scratching the "Woop Woop" (he's doing three things at once, which would be unlikely without the help of software)
19:23 such a smoove transition. Not sure if this is him juggling, but if it is, it's subtle, and it's the only juggling on the mixtape! Surprising, but who knows - juggling could be going out of style.
"He's not Flash but he's Fast and his name is Jay"
dj's used to get shouted out more on records. It was an important thing to call out the big radio dj's, in order to get your records played. Now that good music isn't being played on the radio, and there aren't great radio jocks, this doesn't happen.


I really don't have any gripes here, except maybe the extended segments without any mixing or scratching. Seems like some of the joints run for a long time.

31:39 this is where dj bionics gets super excited (he loves apache)

What a tour de force of hip hop sampology. I wonder how much of this set was done live vs. using the computer.

This part gets DARK! ! specifically when he drops the Nas acapella with the mistake, and then plays the evil laugh, seemingly teasing the queensbridge MC for messing up. How did you get that acapella…


35:30 this blend is such a damn good idea. My second time listening to it it sounds just a tiny bit off key. I think it's a major/minor thing.

36:22 Z-Trip knows about compression/release so well. The breaks he includes make the tracks that he drops so much harder. This DiIla/FlyLo segment is damn epic.

37:53 I love the transition into the runaway remix. Until Faith No More starts it is one of the greatest things I've ever heard. The use of the track is unquestionably original - and Epic WAS ahead of it's time. Rap/Rock in 1990 BUT again, this is a little bit out of tune. Although some of the notes are ok, there's also some sour ones.

DJ Vajra
43:54 Vajra starts off with a recording of his I've heard before.It's the youtube video he does on the Rane 62 which is supposed to compete with the Traktor video that Craze puts out where he's using the cue points. Still an UNREAL video, featuring scratching that I will NEVER be able to duplicate

Here's the two Craze videos on Traktor…makes me feel bad for Serato:

46:40 I guess it's time for a michael jackson tribute

52:24 This part is real smoove, but also runs for a long time

Gaslamp Killer:

56:30 I love prime time, and it would be weird if there weren't any tracks off watch the throne on this mixture

Such a dark part - really reminds me of the Flying Lotus set from Electric Zoo. I love how original these tracks feel.

Mick Boogie:

Love the female MC on the Tanya Morgan track. Love this part in general. Can't wait to see dude live!


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