Julep - With Obie - FettyBe - and Digital Dave

There's really no reason to be scared of the financial district - not with Julep bringing in world class talent every weekend - setting a standard for Boston nightlife.  

Digital Dave flys out from Pittsburgh to do this party once a month and there's a reason they keep bringing him back - he is just an absolute club killer.

With FettyBe in the house - you know you're in for some club anthems - Dave has been one of the leaders of the remix and mashup game since the early 2000s.

Also it was awesome getting to meet DJ Obie and seeing him do his thing - a huge talent in his own right. Look out for this dude setting it off all over the Hub this summer with a packed schedule and the party rocking skills to make it happen.


More pics after the jump:

With the Legendary FettyBe

Thanks for the Shoe Complements!

The Homey Obie Going in!

Dave Gets in the Zone


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