RIP MCA - Z-Trip's Legendary Beastie Boys Mix

I thought it would make sense to post something in honor of the passing of the legendary MCA - Adam Yauch. This is my favorite Beastie Boys mix - ever. I don't think anybody will ever top this shit it's just so classic.  Z-Trip goes in on this one.

Z-Trip's words about the mix after the jump:

Adam Yauch, has passed. People are hanging their heads low everywhere. It's a sad time. 

Though I only met MCA a couple times, it felt like I’d known him my whole life. I grew up with the Beastie Boys, and also grew with them. As they matured and got wiser I felt like I was doing the same thing, personally and musically. They were a huge influence on me. His death can be equated to the loss of a Paul or a John, as I’ve often felt they are my generation’s Beatles. 

It really meant a lot to me as a longtime fan, to be handpicked by the Beasties to remix their catalog. 

Even though we've lost Adam Yauch, we will always have his music. 




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