Interview - Dimitry Mak - Heavy Warmup Vol. 14

Really excited to drop this latest interview - with someone I always try to check out when I'm in NYC - certified club rocker Dimitry Mak.

He dropped this latest warmup mix for another heavy hitter - DJ Ayres'

From our interview:

"When people come out to the clubs they're there to have a good time and that's what you have to give them in your performance"

Peep the interview in full after the jump!

I met you in Pittsburgh through DJ Nugget - How did that come together? I actually met Nugget through my roommate, and one of NYC's best DJ's, Rok One. He put us in touch and the rest was history.  Nugget actually came out to play in NYC recently at one of my parties and we had an awesome time.  A really solid dude and a great DJ! 

What is your concept for performances? It's really just all about giving people what they need.  When people come out to the clubs they're there to have a good time and that's what you have to give them in your performance.  In every way, from the music, to the energy, to the flow of your mixes.  

How does visual or other non-auditory art direct your composition? As far as visual goes, I love a club with a good lighting system. It can really make the night for me and for the people on the dance floor...especially when the lighting guy knows what he's doing.  When there's awesome lights at a club I feel like every big part of a song becomes even bigger with the right lights (Daft Punk & Deadmau5 are big examples of light shows in the business).  
How important are emerging genres of music (eg: Moombahton, Trap) to the birth of new sounds today? To be honest I don't really follow new "genres" that closely because most of them are just fads that don't last past a few months(witch house? huh?) and why waste my time trying to get into something that's not gonna matter after a few months?  I'd rather be keeping up with stuff I already like and if a new "genre" sticks around for a little bit longer I'll get into it.  I don't think people will be listening to some of these so called genres 10 years from now. 
If you could collaborate on art with one person from history - who would it be and what would you work on? For me it would be Stevie Nicks.  I fucking LOVE her and I love fleetwood mac! her voice sends shivers down my spine.  I guess we'd work on some music together...I love playing guitar so maybe I'd write some riffs and we could take it from there.  Just to be in a room with her would make my life complete. 

And your collaboration with one contemporary artist? I get to collaborate with my best friend Kapla every day...we work on a project called Modern Machines ( which inspires me and moves me.   We get to do so many different styles of music it's awesome.  One day we could be sitting writing a dance song the next day we can write a 90's hardcore throwback with a brutal breakdown.  

What is in your gig bag that might not be in mine? To be honest my bag is super simple! headphones, slipmats, records...etc. the usual.  I used to have an old bag which had ridiculous stuff in it (one time I found a check from a club at the bottom of the bag that was over a year old...I can't believe the bank let me deposit it after a year).  My new bag is super clean and organized...don't have anything crazy in it.  the people at Tumi sent this bag over to me (thanks!) and I don't think I'd use any other bag after this one, it helps me stay organized.

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