DJ Sorted - Live on the Bro's Gone Wild Tour

Scrolling through one of my DJ Boards and this mix stood out to me.  I'm always looking for moombahton and other uptempo/weird mixes with decent tracklists and I'd say this certainly qualifies.  DJ Sorted - from his website:

Jamie Andersen aka Sorted has been rocking Atlanta dancefloor's for almost a decade. Heavily influenced at at young age by nights spent in the notorious London clubs fabric and The End. Sorted came back to the states eager to spread Europe's sounds to the masses. 

Bursting on the Atlanta scene in 2005 Sorted quickly joined the crew becoming one of the cities premier Drum and Bass DJ's. Cutting his teeth at the now infamous Transit club nights, Sorted learned the importance of building a vibe, while keeping dancefloor sensibility. 

As a resident DJ with the Atlanta Bass Wars Crew, you can find him playing across the EDM spectrum in clubs throughout the city. Upcoming shows, free music, and contact info is below. See you on the dancefloor! 

Find out more about the Bro's gone wild tour and catch them in your city here:


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