Interview Mondays - Lil Texas - Trap/Footwork/Experimental - Boston

There is a reason we tolerate pollution, foul odors, and insane starbucks lines; to live in a city surrounded by interesting people. I ran into Lil Texas at Big City in Allston and dude kindly agreed to rap it up with an interview on DUTB.

He's one of the success stories of emerging genre popularization, like Bassnectar (or RSK in pittsburgh) with dubstep, he was already making this music, really well, and is finally getting the shine he deserves now that Flosstradamus and Diplo have people fiending for gun claps and finger snaps in their electronic music.

Furthermore, his shit is deeper than this new trap shit because it incorporates the double time footwork feel and transitions smoothly back and forth, basically just blowing minds and killing dancefloors on a global scale. He has features coming soon in Pitchfork, his music has been shared by the likes of Mad Decent, Earmilk and Karmaloop, and with the EP on the way, I'd say it's safe to say that the kid is on FIRE!

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Boston is one of the last places I think about for producers of fringe/emerging genres like trap and footwork - who are some of the folks you look up to in this area? 

My boys in the M|O|D (Trap Arnold, Yung Satan, C.Z., Rewrote) crew are my biggest influence but the whole Jass crew (Time Wharp, M Constant, T-Dredz) are super on point. For the real club shit I fuck wit Rizzla mad tough, if you're reading this let's collar lol.

How important is it for the (new) trap genre to find collaborations with (good) rap artists to make original tunes to stay relevant? 

That's one of my goals personally when it comes to production. Working with dudes like Juicy J, Mach Five, & Gucci Mane would be some trill shit. It's also where the moneys at, and alignment with different genres, musicians, producers is key for my success.

How has your sound been affected by the recent popularity of trap (house) and the (subsequent) recognition for footwork/juke music?

I mean I've always been on the trap shit just being from Dallas and my pops is from Chicago so the footwork thing is mad interesting. I personally love the footwork drum feels and I gotta have my dirty south chants etc… So the popularity is influencing me but Im trying to dial in on this LiL TExAS sound and open up peoples ears to new shit.

If you could collaborate with one person from history - who would it be and what would you work on?  

Triple Six Mafia c. 1990-1996 and we'd make the most trippy shit ever mane.

 And your collaboration with one contemporary artist?

Juicy J or Gucci Mane

A comment on the clothing sponsorship you mentioned briefly?

BIG ups to Trill City Kings they send me stuff and I rep it tough. Gotta stay true to my Texas homies.

What is in your gig bag that might not be in mine? 

Polo Black Cologne and American Crew Hair Shit

A tour story? 

I went to Charleston, West Virginia once. nuff said …………

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