Video! - Kill The Noise - Kill The Noise Pt. 1 and Making Of

Zombie Killing and Dubstep. Best Friends til the End.


I was pretty skeptical (as I am of all things dubstep) when I first saw this video. The truth is that it is an example of someone bridging the gap from electronic music production to legitimate video production and it makes me feel like this Electronic Music thing is really going to last!

 More Ludachrist, making of, and discussion After the Jump.

Kill the Noise one half of Ludachrist along with Bro Safari which was a mashup force a few years back with scratching which made it a little more legitimate and I was a pretty big fan. They transitioned to match the tastes of their audience - Bro Safari does moombahton and tours with Tittsworth, and Kill the Noise is doing the Dubstep thing.  Both of them saw that these emerging genres were the wave of the future and hopped on board! Wouldn't be the first time or the last time we saw this pattern.

They also mashed up culture including this quirky submission for Stephen Colbert

Making of Video:


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