Mid Transition Crotch Grabs, Partying with AM, and Carrying Knives to Gigs. – the Pete Butta Interview

Pete Butta is a man on the move – after completely taking over the Penn State party scene, Pete has made a smooth transition to the Steel City.  With all of the shine that Pittsburgh has recently gotten musically it’s no surprise that Pete has received attention as well.  He has placed in Red Bull’s Thre3style competition two years in a row, has a high profile weekend residency at S-Bar – one of the cities top nightlife locations, and continues to travel across Pennsylvania for guest spots, all while holding down a job at Pittsburgh’s premier urban-wear outlet in Shop 412. Needless to say we were excited to catch up with him and find out some more details about the life of Butta!

Hit the jump for my chat with this Pittsburgh star!

How'd you hook up with A-Trak for that drop (that starts the No Filter mix)?
First off, Thanks for asking me to do an interview/feature for DUTB. I appreciate the opportunity.  

My friend Mike Jax and myself actually snuck into a Kanye West show, by driving in between his tour vans. No one gave us any problems, and after we introduced ourselves as DJs, it was all love. At the time, A-Trak was his tour DJ (He even shouts out now-defunct record label Audio Research) and showed love
 with the drop and introducing my 16-year-old self to Kanye West.

What is the inspiration for No Filter?   

I wanted to release a club set of mine that proved creativity, yet very danceable for the mainstream crowd. I recorded myself on January 27th, and saw this set was not only creative and danceable, but also represented variety in time period
 & genres. The live aspect of the mix prompted the title, with audio and artwork alike using "No Filter".  

What is the place of emerging genres of music like Trap in the age of dance music?
There wouldn't even be an "age of dance music" if genres didn't evolve & emerge!

If you could collaborate on art with one person from history - who would it be and what would you work on?

Call it a generic answer, but I would like work with DJ AM and throw a party. Party's are art, right?

And your collaboration with one contemporary artist
I really enjoy Damien Hirst or Espo, I would love to do a mix or series incorporating ether of their art work.

What is your favorite city to play in and what's a road story you can share with the internet?
Philly has always had really fun crowds that appreciate the DJ.
In terms of a road story, It was crazy this weekend when I was DJing and received a full on crotch grab, mid-transition.
Penn State University also never falls short of a great time.
I caught you rocking at S-Bar my last trip to Pittsburgh and was impressed because you were taking more chances
than the other dj's I saw - allowing yourself to shine - inserting yourself into the mix but always tastefully  - What has your concept been for live performances?

Thanks for coming out and paying attention to the music, my man.

This mix pretty accurately reflects my concept towards a live performance - Playing with creativity and personality, accurate for the audience and situation. I enjoy the heck out of playing Katy Perry, I would just rather dropping it
differently every time, or playing it alongside records a listener wouldn't hear it paired with on the radio.

At the end of the day, the number one job of the DJ is to make people dance. Having a personality in my sound is
equally as important in creating a unique night for patrons.

What is in your gig bag that might not be in mine?
For more lame websites I would say "condoms" but I have a bit of background information on this interviewer...
Rca extenders, 1/8th inch adapters, a pocketknife, and lots of breath control have all come in serious assistance.

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