Video - The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Moduloktopus Remix)

I've been really feeling this producer out of Boston that's been sending me a steady supply of fresh music the last month or two named Moduloktopus. 

If you peep the soundcloud you will see dude has a ton of work which has been really popping off lately.  In addition there are some super raunchy vids that you won't want to watch in front of the wife and kidz.

Boston has been one of the centers of the new Trap production movement, with supergroup M|O|D now recognized as heavy hitters following a huge showcase at SXSW and major touring slated for Spring and Fall. 

What do you think about the video? The production? Thanks for checking out DUTB!


Voodoo People - The Prodigy (Moduloktopus Remix) from Michael Gold on Vimeo.


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