My Neighborhood Pics and New Camera

Hello dear friends.

You must have missed me.

Sometimes you move to escape your troubles and find that you've packed them in your suitcase next to the socks. 

There can't be a worse smelling neighborhood in the world than Chinatown in NYC. The noxious combination of manure, fresh seafood, dying vegetation, and hot urine could make a Calcuttan cringe. I always thought the facemasks were for pollution but now I know why they are so popular.

I do love it here though - everyone's an artist in New York if you dig deep enough, and I found a great bar last night where the DJ was playing Biggie and Outkast and I sang along with the employees and danced until they asked me to leave. 

I like hanging with the servers more than the served.

Camera is a Canon 60D with 17-40mm f2.8 sigma
I used the isolate blues filter in lightroom for the effect.

Hit the break for more images of my neighborhood.


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