Soundcloud Roundup - September - Duncan Gerow, Naito, Chrome Sparks and Jo_Def

I used to do these all the time. A quick review for submissions: I stopped looking at the DUTB soundcloud group because its always the same people submitting. Instead just email me a link and I will listen. Also I don't listen to or post songs that aren't up for free download. That's just the way it is. Let's go!

First up is this Duncan Gerow reformulation of the Gorillaz jam Dare. It's really more than a remix. Very space-age. Apparently he lives in Alaska and Dam-Funk follows him on twitter

Second is a collab between a group that I've featured before (and will continue to) Moduloktopus and a relative newcomer, Naito.  This track has a good vocal chop and nice little melody.  Feels full and the drums are dope. Genre-wise it's definitive twerk.  Future.

I know its called dance under the bar but we like to vibe out occasionally as well! This one I actually see as being just what a floor needs - depending on how you brought it in. Chrome Sparks is cool he has the same story as me except he's a much better music producer. He moved to Pittsburgh from Michigan for school and then went to NYC to be a musician! Crzy

Jo_Def is a newcomer to the blog but this downloadable track with a chopped Mike Jones sample and rapid-fire machine drums and a great pad and sexy female vocal loops can't escape our notice. 


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