Grand Scheme Radio - DJ Bamboo - Field and Scheme - Death Hat

Vince (Beer Helmet) and Nugget in Pittsburgh. (Photo Credit: Lindsay Danger)

A bunch of you clowns have been asking about where I got my "Death" hat.

Two of my Pittsburgh ├╝berhomeys DJ Nugget and Vince Masi started an apparel company and that's where it's from.

The company is called "Grand Scheme."
You can check out their fall and winter gear on their website.

They have a dope podcast - which makes sense since they both have major backgrounds in music (Nugget is a superstar world traveling DJ who's played with AM and Jazzy Jeff and Vince founded Down n Derby and if you don't know what that is that is dumb but it is a rollerskating party that kicks ass and exists in many cities and even countries.)

 This month they feature another Pittsburgh impresario DJ Bamboo. I've really enjoyed seeing this dude take advantage of new technology while holding onto his turntablism roots.  DOPE! Here's a video he put out recently:


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