Twerk - Video Debut - MH the Verb - Al Roka (Prod. Longarms)

"I make it rain - Bitch!"

MH the Verb insists at the opener of this new smash from his forthcoming release "The Balloon Guide."

Donning the fat suit and with the assistance of some sultry females (and your very own blogger) he manages to completely disrupt the newscast.

The track is produced by NYC electrofunk wizard LongArms, who was able to bring a little soul into this new "twerk" genre.

The video is directed by Pat from Glass Canon.

This one is definitely for the clubs but MH tells me the album gets introspective at times as well and features collabs with Brooklyn's Jack Wilson, and Watermelon Band, as well as Philly's Kuf Knotz.

Buy the track on bandcamp and Check out this silly meme generator:

oh - and peep my behind the scenes instagram video:


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